Estate Planning

Estate Planning: peace of mind today and tomorrow

Estate Planning essentially involves the structural analysis and planning of all your assets. Our estate planners consider your specific financial, legal, tax and personal circumstances and combine these in a single, comprehensive plan.

A personal plan

The first step is to perform a comprehensive assessment of your personal and financial status. We then draw up a list of your specific requirements and objectives. We use computer simulations to undertake comprehensive estate planning for all your assets (including both real estate and movable property), so that you can then take a decision based on all the available information.

Up-to-date legal and tax advice

The law is constantly changing. This applies not just to family law and tax law, but to other areas as well. For this reason, we have a team of lawyers and tax advisers who can guide you through the latest changes.

When undertaking your detailed estate planning, our lawyers devote particular attention to marriage and property law, gift and inheritance tax, the use and transfer of your family business and the formation of control structures such as partnerships and non-profit-making foundations.

Our tax advisers provide first-line advice on various tax matters, from the structuring of your movable property and real estate – where relevant involving the use of limited companies – through to the latest developments in direct tax and the taxation of investments held by private individuals and limited companies.

This is how we make the difference

  • A single, comprehensive plan, tailored to your requirements
  • Crystal-clear, legally sound solutions that don’t involve any legal or tax gimmicks
  • A multidisciplinary team of lawyers, legal assistants and tax advisers
  • Opportunities for personal contact with one of our legal advisers at your local branch
  • Working in partnership with your other advisers (such as your notary, lawyer, accountant, etc.)