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You entrust the management of your personal or business wealth to experienced specialists. They invest and manage your assets following your investment profile and the sustainable and responsible investment policy of Delen. You also receive a global overview of your assets, which allows you to plan and simulate. Finally, our legal experts help you with well-thought-out legal solutions, including your inheritance tax. Then you are entirely at ease.

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Why opt for Delen Private Bank to manage and plan your wealth? In our welcome brochure, you find out why. You will also discover our personal and professional approach – better known as the Delen touch. Enter your e-mail address here below and receive the brochure in your mailbox.

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What our clients say about us

"My relationship manager proactively contacted me during the lockdown to reassure me and explain the situation in the markets. This human approach and relationship of trust is very valuable, especially in such circumstances."
"We received excellent advice on Estate Planning. The explanation was clear, and we felt well surrounded, from the conception to implementing the various actions to be taken."
"Good communication at the right time and through the right channel: a video conference with my relationship manager, a webinar on various topics, videos on the markets. It is always fun and interesting! "

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