Award for digital innovation at Delen Private Bank

19 November 2017 | Digital

The Delen Private Bank app was launched in 2016. It was preceded by a great deal of research and after the launch we also made sure we listened to the feedback users gave us. This continuous improvement approach paid off, with Delen Private Bank being named Best Digital Private Bank in Belgium 2017 by international business magazine Delen Private Bank CEO Paul De Winter is still visibly basking in the news.

Compliments of the jury

The reason for the award was the new Delen app, which gives each client real-time safe and easy access to consult their investment portfolio. Or as the jury put it: “The Delen app adds an outstanding digital dimension to the bank’s already familiar services.”

“That’s really good to hear,” nods De Winter, “particularly as our app was developed completely in-house. And in order to stay true to our ‘prudent investor’ strategy we wanted to make the app as human and accessible as possible. This approach is clearly appreciated.” And not just by the jury, but also by the users, considering that almost 6,000 clients already use the app.

“We have in fact further enhanced this human aspect, because now clients can also use the app as a secure and easy way of sending messages to the bank. Messages, moreover, that you know will only be read by your own trusted adviser at Delen Private Bank.”

Transparency, convenience and safety with the Delen app

“Of course it’s nice to get the recognition of an award like this,” confirmed De Winter, “but above all we are pleased that our clients are using and keeping on using the app. That says something about how easy it is to use, so congratulations are in order for our dedicated IT team who have made it a shining example of efficiency. The IT team also did its utmost to guarantee the security of the app. We are continuing to work constantly on the app and are taking on board all the feedback from our users. As a result the app will increasingly become a personal tool tailor-made to individual clients.”

“ In the words of the jury: ‘the Delen app adds an outstanding digital dimension to the bank’s already familiar services.’"

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