Delen Private Bank and BRAFA, supporting fine arts

Delen Private Bank is a passionate sponsor of art and design, and we are keen to share this love with our clients. We have therefore been a committed partner of BRAFA, the art fair held at the Tour & Taxis site, for the last thirteen years.

As one art critic succinctly put it, BRAFA is the ‘fair of excellence’. This leading European art and antique fair puts quality, expertise and authenticity uppermost. It offers an exceptionally broad spectrum of artworks, ranging from antiquities to new works by highly accomplished contemporary artists.

Unsurprisingly, the fair is attended by the cream of the art world, with artists, collectors, gallery owners and art lovers seeking out new acquisitions and old friends.

It is the thirteenth year that Delen Private Bank has a stand at the art and antiques fair. Mrs Marie-Alix Delen and her daughter Anne-Sophie designed the Delen stand in their characteristic and authentic Delen style: warm and intimate spaces that make you feel at home. A perfect place to pause, engage in a conversation or admire the artworks and furniture of Alechinsky, André Willequet, René Guiette, Finn Juhl, Vladimir Kagan, Poul Kjaerholm, Tapta, Jespers, Stilnovo, Jules Wabbes, Pol Mara and more.

Guest of honour: Gilbert & George

Brafa 2019 makes way for the eccentric duo Gilbert & George. More British than a toast with marmalade, the two men are the enfants terribles of the performance art scene. They consider themselves to be human sculptures, elevating daily activities such as walking, smoking and drinking to true art performances. Their art can also be tangible: under the heading 'Art for All' they create photographs, paintings and drawings with banal and sometimes shocking subjects such as religion, sex and race. Belgian art collectors are fans of the first hour, so no wonder Gilbert and George love to pay us a visit. Graceful and rebellious, common and eccentric, well-behaved and naughty ... Gilbert & George seem to reconcile water and fire through the language of art. You can see them at work between January 26 and February 3. Welcome!

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