Delen Private Bank uses the domain name (for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) or (for Switzerland) for all official communication. Alternative domain names generally suggest a phishing attempt (online fraud).

Institutional services

Specialised service, extensive reporting

The Institutional Desk is your single point of contact for all financial, administrative and tax matters. This specially assigned team delivers an impeccable, tailor-made service, in consultation with your account manager. We use the services of specialists for highly specific issues such as the tax on pension funds and the holding company exemption for dividend income. 

Delen Private Bank has obtained ISAE 3402 type II certification. The independent auditor’s office BDO confirms that our internal controls support our processes in a goal-oriented and efficient manner, without exception. Delen Private Bank conducts a recertification process annually.

Comprehensive and transparant reporting

As portfolios are managed in accordance with clearly defined rules, comprehensive reporting is required. The Institutional Desk compiles customised reports that may include:

  • A detailed analysis of the portfolio contents:
    • The portfolio spread across asset classes, currencies, sectors and geographic regions
    • A list of all transactions
    • Details of the fixed-income portfolio
  • An analysis of the portfolio performance
  • A transparent cost summary
  • Monitoring of investment restrictions
  • The bank’s market outlook and forecast

If required, the Institutional Desk will be pleased to explain the portfolio to your finance director or Board of Directors.

You can use the Delen app to view the portfolio at any time.