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Group Delen in Switzerland

The appeal of Switzerland

Thanks to political and macroeconomic stability, Switzerland offers a solid and reliable base in a business that is in constant change and development. Switzerland is an attractive financial market, both nationally and internationally. This makes it one of the world's leading financial centers for asset management and insurance, and an important trading platform for commodities. The capital markets are accessible and liquid, and the financial infrastructure is reliable.

Many companies and individuals choose to take up residence in Switzerland, thus benefiting from the exceptional standard of living, in addition to fiscal and financial stability. The cities of Zurich, Geneva, Basel or Bern have been the best cities in the world for years according to the Mercer Survey of Quality Living rankings.

The value proposition of Delen (Suisse)

Since its foundation in 1936, Groep Delen has developed a transparent asset management offering with consistent returns and a personal relationship of trust with its customers. Also in Switzerland, we bring our personal, efficient and honest service to local and international customers. In a financial market that may tend to hypes and brief fashions, we prefer common sense and a long-term vision. Our cautious and proactive management proves its effectiveness, as evidenced by the sustainable and healthy growth figures that the group can present.

In addition to asset management, the Estate Planning of Delen (Suisse) ensures the protection of your assets, beyond different generations. In a personal plan, we map out your wishes and objectives. On that basis, we provide expert and sustainable solutions and advice, in pension planning and estate planning. In addition, we can count on the experience and expertise of the entire Estate Planning team of Groep Delen, who is a true pioneer in this field.