Delen Private Bank uses the domain name (for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) or (for Switzerland) for all official communication. Alternative domain names generally suggest a phishing attempt (online fraud).


Delen Group’s family DNA

What makes Delen Group unique? How precisely do we make a difference? Five core values define who we are. They are inextricably bound up with us: they are part of our DNA.

Family-based and personal

Our stable, family-based ownership structure enables us to chart an independent course. The values of the Delen family – entrepreneurship, personal service and long-term thinking – still permeate all the layers of our organisation even today. Managers and staff alike are personally committed to delivering first-class service – day in, day out.

Integrity and honesty

The customer comes first. Always and everywhere. We offer our customers honest, no-nonsense products and services that help them grow, do business and enjoy the good things in life – both now and in the future.

"Always be cautious. You can't start being cautious at the last minute – it’s too late by then.” – André Delen

Prudence and careful planning

We manage your assets dynamically yet prudently, using careful planning and with an eye to the potential risks, while at the same time responding swiftly to any opportunities that may arise. In other words, our asset managers pursue a proactive but prudent investment philosophy. Our estate planners are there to help you to pass on your assets to future generations – intact and without any worries.

Reliable and sustainable

Continuity of service gives you, our customer, a feeling of security. It’s the ideal basis for a relationship based on trust. That’s why we consistently seek to form long-term relationships – not just with our customers, but also with our staff, and with society as a whole.

Transparent and efficient

Digitisation and technology generate great opportunities for us to serve our customers even better. Faster and more efficient processes mean more time for personal contact. And technology also fosters full transparency, enabling you to view the composition of your portfolio and all relevant costs and returns at any time. Tailor-made service and technology go hand in hand.